Access Denied

You are not allowed to use self-service help desk.

ERP self-service help desk is available only for the RajERP users. In order to access, you need to follow these three simple steps.

  1. Click here to open RajERP login page.
  2. Enter your valid username, password and login, you will be redirected to the RajERP.
  3. Following interface gets displayed, here, hit the Question mark (?) icon at the top (highlighted by arrow) to access the Help Portal.

5 things you can use Help Portal for

  1. Check out how-to & hands-on articles in our How-to section.
  2. Check out videos for all process in our Video section.
  3. Check out instruction manuals for any ERP process in our Documentation section.
  4. Know about all business processes and important terms and their meaning in our KnowledgeBase section.
  5. Check out frequently asked questions to get quick solutions in our FAQ section.